Simply natural and homemade

My greatest passion is to create very special dishes with simple ingredients.

Every day, on our breakfast buffet, you will find cakes prepared following traditional South Tyrolean recipes, fresh fruit salad, a rich choice of muesli and cereals, milk products from Sterzing, various cold cuts and cheese, fresh egg dishes, fruit juices and various homemade jams made of the fruit we collected ourselves on the Neuhäusler farm in Albions or on the mountains of Wipptal.

Moreover, every day, you will find a special, simply natural and homemade dish that will be served still lukewarm:

  • maize porridge (polenta) with plum jam
  • rice pudding with cranberries
  • “Bircher” muesli with yogurt from Vipiteno and grated apple
  • three types of cereals with vanilla yogurt from Vipiteno and lukewarm wild berries
  • our freshly squeezed vitamin bomb with oranges, apples, carrots, celery and ginger
  • green vitamin mix with parsley, spinach, orange, banana and coriander
  • ham and cheese toast with the toast slices made by the bakery of Selva
  • stewed fruit made of South Tyrolean fruit
  • fresh buckwheat grains with yogurt from Vipiteno and strawberries